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The Siamese Heritage Trust of The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage studies and highlights issues and problems in the management of the cultural heritage of Thailand. It works on issues that are both tangible and intangible with the aim of contributing to heritage conservation and generating ideas on how heritage management can be improved. The Trust is raising the visibility of cultural heritage management as a national issue of general public interest through knowledge, education, advocacy and networking.



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A short record
of seminar

on “Commerce - 
Cultural Heritage - 

Historical Districts”


Fri- Sun.

23-25 November 2018

A cultural and nature trip to Phitsanulok - Tak


Dr. Weerachai Nanakorn

Leader of the Natural History Section and 1st Vice President

Dr. Pongsawat Aksornsawaddi

Legal Expert and Advisor to Siamese Heritage Trust













Fri- Sat.

January 2019

A Pan-Asia Conference on “Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience” The conference will explore how thinking about culture, cultural heritage, and cultural heritage protection in Asian nations differ from the West. The conference aims to stimulate discussion on a range of issues related to these topics in an entirely Asian context. MORE>>>