by the Siam Society under Royal Patronage

Our work


We occasionally summarize and publish free handbook and publications on cultural heritage management. More>>>


We provide an informal forum for the major cultural heritage stakeholders to explain how they are fulfilling their stewardship, and for the public to be informed of and to comment on policies and plans for cultural heritage preservation. To raising public awareness and understanding on cultural heritage matters, we conduct study trips to visit cultural heritage sites both in Thailand and abroad. Seminars>>>   Study trips>>>


We co-organize cultural seminars, workshops, and advocacy campaigns with other like-minded organizations. More>>>


On behalf of the general public, we develop the capacity for the Society to monitor how the government and other stakeholders fulfil their responsibilities as stewards of the nation’s cultural heritage, and for the Society to become known as an independent repository of knowledge and expertise in heritage management and preservation. We identify and publicize threats to the proper conservation of the nation’s cultural heritage, and take appropriate action or protest to counter or mitigate those threats. More>>>