by the Siam Society under Royal Patronage

Past Events


25-26 Jan.

A pan-Asian conference "Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience"


26 May

An AfternoonWalk Through a Historic Trail of Rattanakosin Island
(Na Phra Lan - Tha Chang - Tha Tian)

Leader: Dr. Yongtanit Pimonsathean,
Honorary Advisor to the Siam Society Council

7 March

A Seminar on "Commerce - Cultural Heritage - Historical Districts”

20 Jan.

A Study trip to visit Ban Krua Community “Muslim Cham – Melayu. 230 Yrs. in
Tung Praya Thai” 

Leader: Khun Sukre Salem,
Muslim Siam Forum for Art & Culture, Thailand




Submitting the “Cultural Resource Management Bill” to the Government


18 Oct

MOU signing ceremony with The National Trust for Cultural Heritage of Korea in Seoul

13-20 Oct

Study trip to visit Cultural Heritage of South Korea

25 Jun

Seminar & Training on “Master plan and municipal law as a tool for preventing cultural heritage from inappropriate development”

28 May

Seminar & Training on “Responsibility and Rights on Cultural Heritage Sites”

8 Apr

SHTC was interviewed by a TPBS columnist about PomMahakan Fort Community

26 Mar

Seminar & Training on “Using Law to Suppress the Destruction of Cultural Heritage

13 Feb

Co-organized panel discussion on “How to live with granddad’s heritage?” as a part of Bangkok Edge Festival, initiated by Khunying Narisa Chakrabongse


23 Dec

Co-organized a public forum to support insertion of cultural agenda into the new constitution with Cultural Heritage Alliance at BACC

11 Dec

A visit of The National Trust for Cultural Heritage of Korea

9 Dec

SHT agreed with the recommendation proposal to improve cultural section in the draft constitution, developed by Cultural Heritage Alliance and proposed to the Constitution Drafting Commission

19 Nov

A press conference on the submission of anopen letter to Prime Minister, asking to review the project of “ The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River” by the Siam Society together with Cultural Heritage Alliance

26 Oct

Co-producing a TV program of TPBS “24 Hours: โลกเปลี่ยนต้อง เปลี่ยนโลก” ตอนจินตนาการใหม่กรุงเทพฯ

16 Oct

Submit the petition to Prime Minister, asking to reconsider the project of“Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River”

26 Sep

Visit Penang Heritage Trust

24-27 Sep

Study trip: Tracing the Tale of Two Historic Towns: Songkhla – Penang

21-23 Aug

Study trip: Communities’ Way of Life on Thailand’s Eastern Gateway Chantaburi – Trat

11 Aug

Experts meeting on “Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River”

17 Feb

Establishment of the committee on “The Cultural Heritage Bill”

12 Feb

A visit to The Fine ArtsDepartment to develop a mutual understanding about the establishment of “National Cultural Heritage Trust of Thailand”

26 Jan

By request of the Senate Sub-committee for Religion, Art, Culture, and Tourism, SHTC attended to their meeting to present the idea of establishing “National Cultural Heritage Trust of Thailand”.

9 Jan

Submitting the draft proposal for establishment of “National Cultural Heritage Trust of Thailand”to Dr. WissanuKrea-Ngam, Deputy Prime Minister


13 Nov

Co-organized a public forum on “Art and Culture Network meets Members of The National Reform Council” with BACC and Cultural Heritage Alliance and the Foundation for Promoting Public Art and Culture at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

29 Aug

Submitting the recommendation proposal for “Strengthening and Developing the Law of Cultural Heritage”toNational Council for Peaceand Order

20 Aug

Co-organized a public forum “Reforming Cultural Work” with CulturalHeritage Alliance at BACC


Started the project “Strengthening and Developing the Law of Cultural Heritage” to make heritage law a powerful component of the total Thai heritage conservation movement, and to identify and promote ways to strengthen heritage laws and regulations through the political process.

7 Jun

Sketching TaladNoi Cultural Heritage

3 Apr

Co-organized a Round Table Talk on “Preserve Bangkok’s Root - Why and How?” with Cultural Heritage Alliance at Impact Challenger, MuangthongThani”

1 Jan

Become member of International National Trust Organization (INTO)


Study about Cultural Heritage Trust


19 Sep

Panel discussion on “Heritage of the Provinces: The Conservation Path”

27-28 Jul

Study trip to Lopburi

10 Jul

Panel discussion on “Uses and Abuses of History in Thai Heritage Conservation”

13 Jun

Co-organized a seminar on “Asia Conserved: Sharing Regional Best Practice from the UNESCO Heritage Awards” with UNESCO Bangkok

26 Mar

Lecture and book launch “Protecting Siam’s heritage” by Piriya Krairiksh

20 Mar

Panel discussion on “Saving Bangkok’s Historic Heart”

9 Mar

Study trip to Hua-Hin

28 Feb

SHT was invited to joined the Working Committee on Krung Rattanakorin Adjacent Area Development and Conservation

27 Feb

Co-organized panel discussion on “Revive Bangkok’s Root” with Cultural Heritage Alliance at BACC


1 Dec

Study trip to Amphawa

27 Oct

Sketching Workshop + outdoor practice in Yaowarat

20 Aug

Submitting a petition to Bangkok Governor, asking to reconsider the Draft Bangkok Master Plan which allow intensive development in historicquarter adjacent to Rattanakosin Zone

9 Aug

Joined a panel on the topic of “Tearing down old towns, where would our roots be?”, conducted by The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand

28 Jul

Study trip to visit The Crown Property Bureau’s Heritage Conservation II

14 Jul

Study trip to visit The Crown Property Bureau’s Heritage Conservation I

21 Mar

Panel discussion on “Thailand’s Buddhist Cultural Heritage: The Preservation Challenge”

25 Feb

Study trip to Three Remarkable Mosques in Thonburi”

17 Jan

Panel discussion on “Tourism and Heritage: A Tense Relationship”


23 Nov

Panel discussion on “Mosque: Mirroring Home of the 'Thai' Heart”

24 Sep

Visit to Klongsan neighborhood (Part 2 conducted in English)

21 Sep

Panel discussion on “Ayutthaya: Heritage Site in Danger”

23 Jul

Study trip to Klongsan neighborhood (Part 1 conducted in Thai)

21 Jul

Panel discussion on “Thai Museums: Realizing the Potential”

4 Jun

Study trip to Kadeecheen neighborhood

27 May

Panel discussion on “Krung Rattanakosin: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

24 May

Lecture on “Siamese Heritage Protection: Krung Rattanakosin” by WorrasitTantinipankul