by the Siam Society under Royal Patronage

Seminars, Lectures and Panel Discussions





7 March A Seminar on "Commerce - Cultural Heritage - Historical Districts” More>>>


20 JulyA Book launch. "Legal manual for safeguarding community's heritage" and a discussion on "Community Rights for Heritage Protection according to Thailand's 2017 Constitution"  More>>>


25 JuneA Seminar on “Master plan and municipal law as a tool for preventing cultural heritage from inappropriate development”More>>>
28 MayA seminar on "Responsibilities and Rights on Cultual Heritage Sites"More>>>
26 MarchA seminar on “Using Law to Suppress the Destruction of Cultural Heritage” 
13 FebruaryA panel discussion on “How to live withgranddad’sheritage?” (a part of Bangkok Edge Festival, initiated by Khunying Narisa Chakrabongse)  


19 NovemberA press conference on the Siam Society and partner organizations submitted an open letter to Prime Minister, asking to review the project of “ The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River” 
26 OctoberCo-producing a TV program of ThaiPBS “24 Hours: โลกเปลี่ยนต้องเปลี่ยนโลก”ตอน “จินตนาการใหม่กรุงเทพฯ”Video 1>>>
Video 2>>>
16 OctoberSubmitting an open letter to Prime Minister, asking to review the project of “The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River” 
11 AugustAn experts meeting on “ The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River” 


3 MayRound Table Talk on Preserving Bangkok’s Root Why? And How?More>>>


19 SeptemberPanel discussion on Heritage of the Provinces: The Conservation PathsMore>>>
10 JulyPanel discussion on Uses and Abuses of Thai Heritage and HistoryMore>>>
26 MarchLecture and book launch 'Protecting Siam's Heritage'. A talk by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piriya KrairikshMore>>>
20 MarchPanel discussion on Saving Bangkok's Historic Heart More>>>
27 FebruaryA panel discussion on Revive Bangkok's Roots (conducted by Cultural Heritage Alliance) More>>>


21 MarchPanel discussion on Thailand’s Buddhist Cultural Heritage: The Preservation ChallengeMore>>>
17 JanuaryPanel discussion on Tourism and Heritage: A Tense Relationship More>>>


23 NovemberPanel discussion on Mosque: Mirroring Home of The "Thai" HeartMore>>>
21 SeptemberPanel discussion on "Ayutthaya: Heritage Site in Danger" More>>>
20 SeptemberLecture on "Ayutthaya: Heritage Site in Danger" More>>>
21 JulyPanel discussion on "Thai Museums: Realizing the Potential" More>>>
27 MayPanel discussion on "Krung Rattanakosin: Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow" and photo exhibition by Photo UNITED
24 MayLecture on Siamese Heritage Protection: Krung RattanakosinMore>>>